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Faction/Alliance Alliance (Bronzebeard, Dark Iron, Wildhammer)
Loken (Iron)
Twilight Hammer (Dark Iron)
Character Classes Various; depending on faction or clan
Racial Capitals Ironforge
Aerie Peak
Shadowforge City
Thor Modan
Racial Leader(s) King Magni Bronzebeard
Thane Falstad Wildhammer
Moira Thaurissan
King Yorg Stormheart
Racial Mount Ram
Primary Language(s) Dwarven, Common
Secondary Language(s) Gnomish, Goblin, Orcish, Thalassian
Average Height 3'9"-4'5" (male)
3'7"-4'3" (female)
First Appearance
Storyline To be Revealed
Role-Play To be Revealed

Noted for their short stature and unique lifestyle, the Dwarves have a very rich and strong background. Inhabiting the lands of Khaz Modan in the Eastern Kingdoms; many Dwarves play a crucial role in the Alliance.

The Dwarves are a diverse race, although when it comes down to it all Dwarves share the same physiology.

Dwarven Clans and Races Edit

  • Ironforge Dwarves: Said to be the original Dwarves who evolved from their Earthen ancestors, the strongest of the clans is arguably the Bronzebeard clan.
    • Bronzebeard clan: The leaders of Ironforge
      • Stormpike clan: A clan based in the valleys of Alterac, the Stormpike are strongly connected to their Ironforge and Wildhammer cousins.
      • Ironfist clan: Connected to the Ironforge Dwarves.
  • Dark Iron clan: Currently spit between the Alliance and the Twilight Hammer.
    • Doomforge clan: A sect of the Dark Iron dwarves who live in the Blackrock mountains.
  • Wildhammer clan: Allies to the Alliance, joined with the Council of Three Hammers.
    • Firebeard clan
    • Thundermar clan
    • Mullan clan
    • Moore clan
    • Dunwald clan
    • Doyle clan

Appearance Edit

Male Dwarf Edit

Dwarven males are stocky and all have facial hair.

Female Dwarf Edit

Most female dwarves do not appear to have beards. However, Falstad's grandmother, a wild dwarf is described as having a beard and female hill dwarves are described as having beards. Beards owned by female dwarves appear to be rare (especially in Ironforge dwarves) however, female dwarves who sported strong beards are considered a sign of beauty among members of the race.