The World of Warcraft Alternate Universe Policy (AU Policy) prohibits the creations of alternate universe stories/characters. Every character on this site exists in the same universe, which in turn is the universe that exists in game and book as well. This entails that whatever has occurred in game carries over into this world. If a character lived in Ashenvale pre-Cataclysm, the Shattering forces either the death of your character or a story regarding how they lived the destruction of Ashenvale.

Infinite Dragonflight Loophole Edit

As with the World of Warcraft Fan Fiction:Lore Policy, the Infinite Dragonflight have the ability to alter history. During the events of "Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects", a version of Aedelas Blackmoore from a different universe was brought to the major universe in an attempt to kill Thrall. For the sake of Fan Fiction, the creation of characters who were carried over for the nefarious purposes of the Infinite Dragonflight is allowed.

Consequences Edit

Regarding the AU Policy, a warning will be dealt to breaking the rule. Further disregard of the AU Policy leaves it up to the Admin(s) to decide.