The World of Warcraft Fan Fiction Wiki policy regarding the Lore states that following the story that has occurred is a must. Events that have already occurred are NOT subject to change. The Lore has been graciously and masterfully crafted by the writers and deserve the respect of being followed perfectly.

Changing key events will inevitably end up changing the story as we know it, making Fan Fiction of the current universe redundant. The one loophole to this policy is the presence of the Infinite Dragonflight, who utilize the timeways to go back into the past and attempt to change it. Assisting in fending off the Infinite Dragonflight with the Bronze Dragonflight is allowed, as long as it does not interfere directly with the direct story as it was told.

Ex: The Infinite Dragonflight have traveled into the past in an attempt to end the life of Aggra. The story could take place within the current time, joining the Bronze Dragonflight in heading to the past to save the future mate of Thrall and bearer of his children.

Consequences Edit

The breaking of the "timeways" results in

  • First offense: Warning
  • Second offense: Deletion of Article
  • Third offense: 2-Day Ban
  • Fourth offense: Pending, depending on Admin's decision.