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World of Warcraft Fan Fiction Wiki News

Hey all :) Hohenheim here with the World of Warcraft Fan Fiction Weekly News. We started off this week and we currently have many features up and running! These include.

  • Alliance/Horde Infoboxes along with the optional Neutral infobox.
  • Property Templates
  • Quote Templates
  • Several new and unique templates are also in the work!

In other news, the World of Warcraft Fan Fiction optional Site-Wide story line is in the works. Spoiler: It involves the Spirit World!

Stay tuned for next week's News update--Hohenheim ☯ Talk ☯ 00:39, August 18, 2011 (UTC)

Featured Article of the Month

Augst 2011 - Bael Brewstorm
Dwarf Warrior

Bael Brewstorm was the middle child of his father Bael Brewstorm I as well as the child of the family destined to become a Brewmaster. His childhood and young adult life were comprised of learning the refined art of brewing until the day his brother and father were killed by Yeti. Returning home, Bael rebuked his life of a Brewmaster and became the Thane of the Brewstorm clan. As Thane, Bael united their rivals, the Dunn clan and defeated the Yeti that plagued their lives. Bael called for unity by all Dwarven clans, leading to his kidnapping by the fearful Dark Iron clan. Tortured to death, Bael became a symbol of unity for many Dwarves and died a Hero.